Case Studies


Our client’s success is what keeps us going. The best way to describe what it’s like working with us is to hear it from some of our clients.


United States Navy

“We compared Marron’s low-fat powdered milk and there’s just no contest. The taste, texture and color of Marron Food’s blended milk are so similar to fresh milk that a crew of 127 men can’t even tell the difference. Bottom line: the crew liked the product. We just couldn’t get enough of it.”

— R. Heimbaugh. LTjg, SC, U.S. Navy Supply Officer

It all started in 1983 when Marron Foods was the first to develop a superior, instant low-fat powdered milk that satisfied all of the government’s performance and nutritional criteria.

Nobody had been able to come up with the right formula before and Marron Foods certainly struck a chord. The milk was so good, that a crew of 127 sailors couldn’t tell the difference between Marron Foods’ product and whole milk. The sailors have been happy ever since.



“Having a tremendous regard for the use of the highest quality materials is why Isagenix uses Marron Foods as their whey protein concentrate (WPC) instantizer. As a result of a joint effort between Marron Foods’ cutting edge science team and Isagenix International, the most consistent instantized WPC is passed onto our customers.”

— Wade Jacobs, Sr. Ingredient Buyer, Isagenix® International LLC

Isagenix International prides itself on being an industry leader in the world of meal replacements. Marron Foods has bent over backwards to help meet a very aggressive growth rate, and done so with true professionalism. Marron Foods continues to be a recognized leader in their field, and a valued strategic partner of Isagenix International.